It’s quite a common scenario, after we leave college full of ambition and dreams, the pressure of employment blurs us from pursuing our passion and instead settle for a job that can pay us enough to pay the bills. Sometimes it isn’t intentional, a lot of people get dragged through the cycle of achieving a stable lifestyle by their early twenties. But we don’t realize that pursuing our passion is actually beneficial in the long run. Here are six reason why you should pursue your passion no matter what:

1. It Will Fuel And Motivate You

Notice how you often feel drained and tired after work or during the week? It’s most likely because you pour a lot of time at work but you forget to give time for yourself. Aside from rest and basic necessities, we also need to fuel our creativity or favorite past times. Start small, of you love photography and can’t afford a camera, try using your phone just as a start. If you want to do sports but have no time, allot at least one weekend a month to practice it. Make time for yourself too because once you do that, you’ll find yourself happier and more motivated to do other responsibilities.