Commuters Disappointed At Lack of Social Distancing In LRT-1


A lack of social distancing and seemingly no limit of passengers in the train car became evident on July 18, 2020.

Uploader shared his experience of riding the LRT-1 train by calling out the disregard for social distancing.

When asked by a netizen why there were so many passengers since there a passenger limit is imposed, Beroy replied, “ung guard na naka destino sa monumento station pinapasok nila lahat ng tao na nagiinatay ng train… hindi nila nilimitahan ang pagpasok ng tao”.

Before reopening the LRT-1, safety protocols were put into place. This includes a strict no mask, no entry policy as well as strict enforcement of social distancing in the station and the trains, which has floor markings as a guide.

Jacqueline Gorospe, Corporate Communications Head of the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) then addressed the accusations. “The photo may have been taken during peak hours. As an extra measure and to help us monitor compliance, we have deployed roving train marshalls during peak hours,” she noted. “We also have our non-permeable safety dividers and regular reminders on proper wearing of a mask and no talking in place as additional layers of protection.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Light Rail Manila Corporation