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Charles And Jameson’s Astounding Chemistry In iWantTFC’s “My Sunset Girl”

Charles And Jameson’s Astounding Chemistry In iWantTFC’s “My Sunset Girl”


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Viewers want more of Charlie Dizon and Jameson Blake’s palpable on-screen chemistry in the iWantTFC original series “My Sunset Girl,” where they play newly in-love teenagers breaking the rigid rules imposed by their families.

In its dreamy first episode, now streaming on iWantTFC, Ciara (Charlie) and Lucas (Jameson) are seen meeting for the first time after talking online for over a year.

They can only meet at night – and secretly too – because Ciara suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum, an illness that could kill her if she is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. However, she keeps this a secret so Lucas treats her like a normal person.

Because of Ciara and Lucas’ secret meetings and “kilig”-filled moments that led to a by-the-beach confession of love, viewers can’t get enough of their pairing and are already looking forward to next week’s episode.

Twitter user @baddestzii said, “Done watching the Ep.1 of The Sunset Girl! Kudos to @charliedizon_ @Hashtag_Jameson to this amazing series! Must watch guys, ang gandaaaaaa, I swear!”

“There’s always an opportunity to reset. – Ciara. It is truly heartening to end the day with this kind of series. My Sunset Girl was quite a reality check of life. Thank you @iwanttfc! Kudos to the whole cast & production!” tweeted @KaoRhysXCharlie.

For @BGYOXBELLE, “Done watching first episode. Yeah it’s beautiful. What I like with the series is it makes you ask a lot of questions in the beginning and it’s unpredictable.”

Sabi ni @Teddy91070751, “Yes I just finished watching episode 1 and the storyline is so nice. For me, even if I’ve only seen one episode, their chemistry is obvious.”

From being a naive girl who has never experienced much of the outside world, Ciara will start to doubt the true nature of her condition, as well as her family’s intentions, after an overextended date with Lucas got her exposed to sunlight. Without her strict mom’s (Mylene Dizon) knowledge, Ciara will seek answers by getting another doctor’s opinion on her diagnosis.

What’s the truth about Ciara’s illness?

A new weekly episode of “My Sunset Girl” streams on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and on every Wednesday at 8 PM. The series is free for all users in the Philippines and is available to premium subscribers outside the Philippines.

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