Hollywood actors Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan decided to end their 8-year marriage. Channing Tatum posted a photo message on his Instagram and Twitter account yesterday, April 3 regarding their separation.

With Channing’s statement, it was clear that the decision came from both of them and it looks like they talked about it as a couple for a while.

He clarified that two of them needs to have time and space for themselves. He also added that they need to help each other to live the most joyous life as possible.

They have a daughter named Everly who will turn 5 this May. They started their relationship on their 2006 movie, ‘Step Up’ until they decided to get married in 2009.

Dewan is currently hosting “World of Dance,” and Channing is set to voice the role of ‘Migo’ in his upcoming animated movie, “Smallfoot.”