Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray passed down her crown to the new Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Gazini Christiana Ganados. Wearing a waling waling-inspired gown by Mak Tumang, she thanked the Filipino people who have given her love and support during her farewell walk.

“I am so humbled and immensely grateful to each and everyone of you who has given true meaning to feeling the love and support of the Filipino people,” she said.


“I may only be one person, but now I have the opportunity to serve 104 million Filipinos, and I knew that I was doing this para sa Pilipinas,” she tearfully added.

Gray also shared an inspiring message of how she conquered three mountains during her Bb. Pilipinas journey. “Inside each and every one of us is a king or queen with the ability to conquer the universe, whatever that may be for you. But we must first conquer ourselves, conquer what others perceive of us, and finally, conquer with a purpose,” she said.

“I will forever raise our flag. Thank you for choosing me as your queen,” she ended.

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Waling Waling The Waling-waling is a paragon of unmitigated beauty. Many regard it as the rarest, most beautiful and the most expensive among all the flora our country has. This rightfully gives justice to its being dubbed as the “Queen of Philippine Flowers”. Moreover, even the native Bagobos revered it as a “diwata” (fairy) because of its unparalleled and captivating beauty. This representation fits perfectly to what our Miss Universe Catriona Gray is. She is absolutely a queen of beauty and substance. This flower, like Catriona, continues to be on treetops and aspires for greater heights. The Queen of the Filipinos' hearts bids farewell to her reign here. Yet, she will incessantly reach and touch the bright sun, making her justly symbolic of the Filipino’s unceasing hope and tenacity.

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Gray wore a waling waling-inspired gown for her farewell walk. Mak Tumang described the waling waling as “the rarest, most beautiful and the most expensive” among all the Philippine flowers, a “representation that fits perfectly” for Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

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