Sunday, November 28, 2021
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This Hilarious Hot Dog Flavored Candy Canes Will Surely Make Your Christmas Jollier

Nope, you can’t put mustard or ketchup on this one!

Reese’s New Peanut Butter Bar Is More Than A Foot Long – Its Largest Pack To Date

You know what they always say – the more, the merrier!

Snoopy-Themed Bags Have Arrived Just In Time For Your Holiday Collection

You might want to incorporate these Snoopy handbags with your Christmas outfits!

Mall’s Christmas Village Enlivens Mood Amid Pandemic

In a bid to boost the spirit and hope of residents, a mall already lighted its Christmas Village centerpiece to make mallgoers enjoy their walking and dining experience.

Happening Now: Love, Bonito’s Biggest Sale Of The Year

Get up to 80% off on over 1,000 styles this coming 11.11!

Starbucks PH Unveils Pink Christmas Merch With Santa Bear & Its Buddies

LOOK: Starbucks Philippines has introduced holiday items, the majority of which are pink, ranging from set straws to travel bags.

Time To Dress Your Chicken With These Cute Crochet Sweaters Before Christmas

Have you ever considered dressing up your pet chicken for a Christmas photoshoot? Now, you can dress up your pet chicken in a way that no one else has ever seen before!

Novel Vaccine For Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Enters Human Trials

Cleveland Clinic medical experts have officially started clinical testing of a novel vaccination that is intended to prevent triple-negative breast cancer.

Bath & Body Works Drops Its Christmas Collection —The Holiday Scent That’s All You Need

With so many different perfumes to choose from, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, so start thinking about a perfect scent for a Christmas gift well in advance.

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