Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Teleconsultation First Line Of Defense Vs. Covid-19 Mild Cases

The DOH has partnered with six telemedicine providers for free over the phone consultation to guide patients on what to do against Covid-19 with mild to moderate symptoms.

Covid-19 Accelerates Online Workouts

Evolution Wellness Philippines latest survey shows that the number of gym subscribers using online platforms now has increased compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Filipinos Google Unsafe DIY COVID-19 Treatments Instead Of Vaccine Registrations

iPrice Group reveals that Filipinos are more likely to search on Google about the Covid-19 DIY treatment rather than which vaccines are registered.

In The LEUPP With Riane Garfin

Riane Garfin x LEUPP, a local watch brand prides itself on its line of stunning minimalist and incredibly functional timepieces.

Getting Vaccinated: ‘Trust The Science, The System, The Plan’

Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Daphne Oseña-Paez said one must have to "Trust the science, the system, the plan" in getting vaccinated for the Covid-19, as many people with comorbidities in need.

Financial Independence, Health Are Filipinas’ Top Priorities — Study

The Filipina Forward study shows that being financially independent and starting a business are the main priorities of Filipina today.

Rediscover Lutong Bahay With These Airbnb Online Cooking Experiences

Airbnb Online Experience Hosts Ai and Michelle and Sébastien open their virtual kitchen to share their culinary passion and skills with a unique twist on Pinoy cooking.

PascualLab Celebrates 75 Years By Spreading The Love

Pascual Laboratories celebrates 75 years in the industry by highlighting the value of care that comes from the family via its campaign “PascualLove: Care begins with family”.

Hilarious 40th Anniversary Film Of Julie’s Bakeshop Goes Viral

Julie’s Bakeshop recently went viral after releasing its "Stop Tita Shaming" ad campaign celebrating its 40th anniversary.

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