Not all brides want an elaborate and expensive wedding, others prefer an intimate gathering with personalized decorations. For the bride that seeks meaningful trinkets rather than over-decorated center pieces, here are 10 easy DIY wedding projects that are cost efficient and can be a bonding activity for your and your bridesmaids:

1. Weaved Bouquets


If you’ve got a very folk-themed wedding, having a twine weaved bouquet fits the picture perfectly. The length of your twine is heavily dependent on how much flowers you wish to wrap it around with.

To create a seamless look; Gather a bouquet of flowers and neatly trim the stems for equal lengths. Get the strands of twine with equal length. Make sure you the length of the twine will be enough to wrap around the bouquet of flowers from the head to the end of the stem. Get three strands of twine with the same length. Braid the three strands to create on thick braided twine. Wrap the twine from the head of the bouquet to the end of the stem of the flowers.

062116 Giorgina - Flower Bouquet