BTS’s highly anticipated mobile game “BTS World” already has its OST featuring singers Charli XCX and Zara Larsson in two separate tracks respectively.

Last June 21st, the game’s third single was finally released. It has the last two members of the seven-piece super group who have not yet been featured in the OST, RM and Suga, take on the reigns with the song alongside rapper Juice WRLD. The hip-hop track, called “All Night”, has the three rappers tell its listeners that in order to fulfill and reach one’s dreams then one has to just keep going all night because, at the end of the day, it’ll be all worth it.

From left to right, the first three track covers show a planet that is ultimately being erased. From right to left, they can signify a world that is finally being unveiled.

Back in June 7th, the track entitled “Dream Glow”, which has member’s Jungkook, Jin and Jimin sing with English singer Charli XCX, was released. The song is a modified version of one of Charli’s demos way back in 2016 (its original lyrics pertained to that of a “glowing” love found in a club) and, as Sheldon Pearce of Pitchfork puts it, makes for a “pristine EDM-lite delight”. Upon her visit to Seoul two years ago, she met up with the group and, needless to say, the idea to do some sort of collaboration was born. Charli eventually sent the demo to the boys and, after some tweaking, the initial love song then became a song of empowerment set to the message of following one’s dreams in life.

BTS and Charli XCX back in August of 2017. The singer visited Seoul to perform at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.

A week later, the game’s second track entitled “A Brand New Day”, with member’s V and j-hope plus Swedish singer Zara Larsson taking on the lead, was released. The song, whose lyrics also aim at the message of always looking at the bright side of things as one follows their dreams, is more geared towards an electronic hip-hop sound with a daegeum, a traditional Korean bamboo flute, also prominently heard throughout. In both her Twitter and Instagram posts, Larsson states how she had to lie at an interview when asked if she had any upcoming Korean-collaborations that people can expect prior to the track’s release.

So far, “Dream Glow” peaked at #6 and #10 in Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and Digital Song Sales charts respectively. “A Brand New Day” peaked at #1, a first for Larsson, in the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart the very day it was released. Both songs peaked at #75 and #128 respectively at Gaon’s Digital Chart in South Korea.

A preview on how the game works can be tried out in the official website.

The game has the player travel back in time back to the year 2012 (the year before BTS’s official debut) as one suddenly finds his or herself become the incoming group’s manager. Players are then tasked to supervise each of the members so that they may eventually develop into the beloved super group that we know of today. “BTS World” features an interactive and cinematic storyline with its players given access to thousands of exclusive videos and photos of the group that has never been seen before.

“Back to your side in another world”

“BTS World” is set to be globally released on June 26th, 2019 for both iOS and Android. The game’s entire OST will be released two days later.

Meanwhile, as we wait, why not keep on listening to the game’s 3 original tracks, continue streaming all of BTS’s music videos + songs and re-learn what the boys look for in a manager with the following video below?