Stay-at-home mothers in Bohol went home armed with new knowledge and inspiration to start their own businesses after “My Puhunan’s” Kabuhayan Caravan made a stop in Visayas as part of the program’s celebration of its fifth anniversary this year.

Watch the program’s visit to the “Heart of the Philippine Islands” with anchor Karen Davila this Tuesday, August 7, where they will also meet one of the province’s success stories in Bohol Bee Farm founder Vicky Sandidge.


Before tasting sweet success in business, Vicky had to overcome bitter reality after her first marriage ended. This forced her to work abroad as a nurse to support her children, but after a few years in the USA, she decided to come home and start her own business.

Vicky started with organic farming before taking a risk in bee farming. While it was hard at first, she never gave up and grew her business, which now includes a restaurant, hotel, bakery, ice cream store, crafting area, and a diving shop. Aside from turning her life around, her business also brought positive change in the lives of her employees.

Just like how Vicky was before, more or less a hundred mothers in Brgy. San Isidro, Bohol dream of helping their family through starting their own businesses with the help of the Kabuhayan Caravan. There they learned how to do rice cake, tocino, and banana chips, apart from other business ideas they can do at home. The Department of Trade and Industry was also there to inform them of the services and assistance they can provide them.

Karen said Filipinos should not be afraid to get into business especially as today is a good time to start a new source of livelihood.

“Nowadays, because of social media, you can make a name, be popular, and do selling without any marketing expense. You can start earning even with a small capital,” she said.

After interviewing hundreds of successful Filipino entrepreneurs, Karen shared she noticed one thing they have in common.

“Hard work and perseverance are given already. What I noticed with the small entrepreneurs that became successful is that they are all hands-on in their business. They wake up very early, they do the inventory themselves, they man the store and sometimes serve as their own janitor. They do everything and know every nook and cranny of their business,” she explained.