It is easy to look at a celebrity mom and think she has it all together – #MomGoals, as what social media calls it. While it might seem effortless for celebrity moms to go through motherhood, we are reminded that just like us, they’re humans, too. When it comes to understanding the joys and struggles of motherhood, celebrity moms are just like any other mother. With a total of over 11 Million followers on different social media platforms, soon-to-be mom of 2, JOHNSON’S mom Bianca Gonzalez-Intal wasn’t an exception dealing with the insecurities and pressures that came with motherhood.

“I always say that social media has really made a huge impact on my self-esteem and confidence as a new mom,” admits ‘Paano Ba To?’ author and JOHNSON’S mom Bianca Gonzales-Intal. “I would often find myself scrolling through beautiful, perfect images of other moms with their babies and then feel sad and down about myself. I would think, ‘How can they still look so flawless whe I haven’t even taken a bath??’ and then I’d wonder if I was being good enough to myself in this new journey,” she adds.


Now that she’s about to welcome her and her husband JC Intal’s second baby, Bianca wants to take a different mindset about motherhood as she aims to empower other moms to embrace all the aspects that this stage in life brings, including the not-so-glamorous, messy moments that still make it beautiful.

“It took me a while but I have learned to realize that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ mom, that motherhood is beautiful as it is with both the good and the not-so-good moments, and this beauty is best manifested in moments we naturally share with our babies.” Together with JOHNSON’S, she encourages moms to say goodbye to conforming to the curated-images of being a mom the world dictates, and allow themselves instead to embrace their natural beauty brought about by sharing everyday moments with their kids.

“We at JOHNSON’S believes in the beauty of unfiltered motherhood. We want to help moms like Bianca help embrace every inch of motherhood and start empowering themselves one step at a time,” says JOHNSON’S Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan said. “As the leader in baby care and as a company that understands the needs of mothers in giving the best care for babies and themselves, JOHNSON’S continues to support moms on this kind of mindset by providing them with the right platform and products to help them achieve this”.

Even in the littlest and simplest things, Bianca is proud to be sharing genuine bonding moments with Lucia and even shares JOHNSON’S Milk Range products with her. With the natural goodness of milk, rice and oats making it 2x more nourishing vs. regular bar soaps, both mommy and baby can share naturally baby-beautiful skin for that effortlessly natural beauty that doesn’t need any filter.

Johnson’s, through its Milk Range, encourages moms to embrace and be proud of the #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents they share with baby by joining the JOHNSONS’S Snap Natural movement – a movement that encourages moms to embrace the natural and authentic. Join the movement by posting a photo of yourself and your child in your happiest bonding moment while showing-off that natural baby-beautiful skin together. Use the hashtag #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents and tag @johnsonsbabyph on Instagram. To know more about this, visit

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