“I believe 2018 has a lot of great things in store for me. And this year, wala na kong papalagpasin. Let’s grab every single opportunity, and pray for God’s guidance.”

You might describe her as boring. She likes to read and play with her dogs. She also watches Netflix in an unhealthy amount of time. But still, she’s confidently Filipina.

The weird part of being a woman is that people around you don’t really tell you that you actually change. Women spend years of their lives mourning who they used to be. I know I did sometimes. But this isn’t an article about changing but about loving yourself for who you are and looking forward for the opportunities towards you in the future.

Most of the young adult woman tend not to appreciate the beautiful life they have. They always have been living in the past rather that the present. Sometimes we can say, “Yes, I’m broke and we always wished to go shopping sometimes” but you are not dependent on anyone but you because you are the captain of your own ship. You sail towards where you wanted to go.

Classica Samson was born to be a singer and a believer. She took some vocal training at ABS CBN University and shes currently a regular singer at Taggo Bar Morato every Fridays. She doesn’t believe in failures and heart breaks. But as a young adult, she also experienced sadness and doubt. Her singing competition when she was a kid started her career in the world or show business. But as for her, confidence was her biggest enemy.

“One of the challenges that I experienced when I was still starting was my self-confidence. Kulang kasi talaga ko sa tiwala sa sarili ko. Feeling ko my talent is not enough para bumilib ang audience. Parang nagfocus ako sa magiging feedback ng tao towards my singing,” she said. But this did not stop her from getting what she wanted. The best thing about Classica is that she never stops on believing in her self and what she can do.

I learned this after she said, “But I eventually realized na hindi ka dapat maging after lang sa sasabihin ng iba. Also, you should trust yourself, your capability. Just be yourself, enjoy every bit of the moment whenever you’re performing. Ang mahalaga may puso ka, at may goal ka rin sa pagkanta mo. Mine is to share the talent that God has given me. Regardless kung magalingan ang audience o hindi. Ang mahalaga, naibahagi mo sakanila yung talento mo at gusto mo silang mapasaya.”

This made Classica an inspiration not only to teenagers but to the young adults who is facing the same issue in life. They call it Quarter-life Crisis. Classica admitted that at her age, she still doesn’t know where she will go. “As a young adult, masarap na mahirap ang buhay. Honestly, at 25, hindi ko parin alam kung ano ba talaga ang gusto kong maging. Totoo pala yung quarter life crisis. Na minsan, feeling ko nahuhuli na ko sa buhay. If you compare yourself sa ibang ka-age mo, hindi ma makukuntento sa kung nasan ka ngayon.”

That’s why she said that you should never compare yourself to others because we are all different in story and life. This may be the best advice that Classica can give to young adults out there. At 25, you don’t need to stress yourself over things you can’t achieve but rather than focus on what you can do and be an inspiration to others.

Classica is an example of a Confidently Filipina Woman. She has a dream not only for herself but for her family as well.

“I really want to be successful. Kahit naman sino yun ang gusto. But I am not praying to become successful just for myself, but for my family — for my mom and my siblings. Bata pa kasi sila. So kailangan ko talagang magpaka “ate”. I want a future where in I can see myself fulfilled hindi dahil nagawa ko lahat ng gusto ko for myself, but because I got to make my family live a happy and healthy life.

Inspiration, Confidence and Grace is what coincides the name Classica. May this story give a fresh start to you this year.

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