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Beauty Products Still Judged By Their Covers, Studies Show

Beauty Products Still Judged By Their Covers, Studies Show


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Beauty and cosmetics aficionados are becoming increasingly well-informed and selective so that the cosmetics industry consistently comes up with innovative ways to harness the power of packaging.

Studies presented at the recent International Packaging Symposium held by the Asian Packaging Network in Makati City showed that consumers are partial to the look and overall visual impression of a product; that 60 percent choose a product based on packaging; and 80 percent of purchasing decisions are made directly in stores.

In short, packaging is everything, especially in the beauty industry.

More tips and trends on innovative packaging will be discussed at Propak Philippines 2020, the 2nd International Processing & Packaging Exhibition, at the World Trade Centre Metro Manila, Pasay City from Feb. 5 to 7.

Here are noteworthy packaging trends that budding beauty entrepreneurs and cosmetics enthusiasts need to know.

1. Eco-Friendly Nostalgia Is The New Trend

There are many ways to hop onto this trend. Vintage-style packaging using recyclable or refillable containers complies with green policies and at the same time gives the opportunity for the brand to stand out. Choose the most attractive shapes and designs. A neuro-marketing study for example found that cylinder shapes are the most eye-catching. Offer refilling services or buy-back projects too and your company can be green to boot.

2. Go Local!

Use locally sourced materials for packaging such as wooden or earthenware boxes, or organic containers and pouches made from bamboo shoots, banana, coconut, and palm leaves. Customers love everything artisan and they help bolster the brand’s unique signature and eco-friendly vibe.

3. Magenta Magic

Reds trigger action, excitement, and energy, while pinks evoke youth and health. An eye-tracking study showed that consumer eyes are most drawn to products in the magenta spectrum. Think about wrapping or protecting your products with alluring red or blushing pink packaging, because most beauty products go on the skin, and the brain subconsciously compares products to the natural hues of the skin and the lips.

4. Keep Your Design To A Minimum

The less busy a package design looks, the better. Brands that adopt clear and concise package messaging are rewarded as consumers prefer brands that embrace basic but elegant texts on solid or neutral color backgrounds.
Transparent or translucent packages with a hint of text makes the product the packaging itself. The idea ties in with the eco-friendly trend because minimalist bottles and jars make them more likely to be reused and recycled.

5. But Don’t Forget The Formula

Customers these days like to know the contents of the tonics they use during their nightly routine or the makeup they don during the day. Knowing one’s skin type has become normal for most beauty product users, as well as knowing which ingredients work well with one’s skin. Sales have been found to increase for companies that frankly state what their products contain. Informing the customers so they have the agency to choose for themselves what products work best on them builds brand trustworthiness with the consumer base.

Products in images (for reference):
1. 1920 – BLACK CAKE MASCARA from Bésame
2. Lavender Handmade Conditioner Bar and Artisan Chocolate Body Bar from Klara’s, and Mint Organic Lip Balm from Akkula
3. Painted Cosmetics
4. Sunnies Face Cosmetics and Huxley Toners, Creams, and Essences
5. Detoxifying Body Scrub and Pore Minimizing Face Mask from Chic Republic

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