The business card is essential for the success of a business. It may seem silly that a small piece of paper can either make or break your career but it can. What’s even more crazier is that, the exact same people who strive to make a good first impression and dress to the nines just to enthuse potential clients, conveniently side-step proper business card exchange decorum.

Yes, you may have the firmest handshake, wear the most extensive and impressive business wardrobe, and pique just about anyone’s interest, but if you’re oblivious to business card punctilio (wherever you are in the world), your best efforts are nothing but futile. This being the case, we’ve rounded up ten basic guidelines for a beneficial, effective, and culturally-sensitive business card swapping.

1. Stack Up on Cards

Never, and we mean never, leave your house without bringing a whole bunch of your business cards with you. Nothing says unprofessional more than apologizing for not bringing enough cards.

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