It was a false alarm, people! Back To The Future 4 is not happening.

Everyone in Facebook seemed to have lost their minds after a page named after Michael J Fox, who played Marty McFly in the classic 80’s trilogy, announced that Back To The Future 4 is currently on its way.

As of now, the original post had been taken down but there are people who managed to take a screen-grab of it.

The photo used in the fake post is from Lea Thompson’s Instagram account which was dated back to July 2015. It was taken during Back To The Future’s 30th anniversary at the London Comic Con.

Nevertheless, the post managed to get quite a lot of people excited on social media.

We are sorry to burst your bubbles Back To The Future fans, but the movie Back to the Future 4 probably is not going to happen. Robert Zemeckis, the director and co-writer of the ’80s trilogy, already announced before that he and his co-creator, Bob Gale, wouldn’t let a sequel or remake happen until both of them are dead.