These are increasingly challenging times for Filipinas. While the current economic realities find them in situations that call for more patience and perseverance, they likewise find the strength to endure, to work towards their goals, and to build a more beautiful community.

Happily, these tough and resilient Filipinas know they are not alone. Avon, as the company for women, continues to provide them with opportunities to rise above their circumstances—from financial struggles to domestic problems and even health issues.


As Avon celebrates 40 years of Filipina beauty & empowerment, be uplifted by the stories of three sales representatives who embody the true beauty of empowered Filipinas and act as catalysts for change in other women’s lives.

For more than 130 years, Avon has brought beauty to the doorsteps—and lives—of women all over the world, inspiring and empowering them to create more beauty in their communities.

Maridhel Macabebe, a young Avon Rep, saw first-hand how Avon’s high-quality and affordable products make women feel their most beautiful, and this inspired her to choose a career with the company over a high-paying job as an OFW.

A strong, capable woman with big dreams, Macabebe had been an Avon Rep since she was 18 when she left the country to work in Thailand and Lebanon. But despite a steady income abroad, she returned to the Philippines to resume her Avon journey.

For Avon, beauty also means empowerment, and as one of the world’s largest direct sellers, Avon has had a long heritage of providing women tremendous opportunities to help them achieve financial independence.

Sezy Blanco is one of those women, who got her start when she saw, and responded to, an Avon advertisement.

Once a housewife who relied on her in-laws to make ends meet, Blanco discovered a whole new side of her when she joined Avon. “Dati napaka-mahiyain ko, wala akong confidence,” she admits, recalling how she eventually overcame her shyness with the help and guidance of Avon’s Sales Leaders.

Aside from providing beauty and finances, Avon has consistently given enormous support to the issues that impact women, especially those of domestic violence and breast cancer.

Liz Manalansan, the President’s Club FD of Avon Alabang, was encouraged by her mother to become an Avon Rep, and signed up at a very young age. But it was when she fought—and won—her battle with cancer that she discovered how Avon continues to be present in women’s lives, even when they are at their lowest, darkest times.

“Yung education na binibigay nila sa kababaihan at ‘yung tulong na ibinibigay nila sa mga nagkakasakit ng breast cancer, malaking bagay ‘yun at malaking empowerment para sa amin,” says Manalansan.

As a survivor and a proud Avon Rep, Manalansan always remembers to give back by finding time to visit Avon’s Breast Cancer Center at the Philippine General Hospital and cheer up other survivors. Her proudest Avon moment? Being able to raise her daughter, who is a consistent president’s club scholar.

With life in a constant state of flux, Avon stays true to its commitment of teaching generations of Filipinas how to love themselves even more and achieve their goals by providing quality makeup products and essentials, a myriad of earning opportunities, and invaluable support for the causes that matter most.