Belle de Jour, the most popular planner made for women in the Philippines is officially unveiled. The 2018 Belle de Jour Power Planner was first released last October 21 and 22 at the Shangri-La Plaza East Atrium. This year, BDJ as what it’s mostly called by fans, carries a new message that is etched on the planner cover, “I am a beauty of one”. This calls all women to celebrate to embrace their individuality and remember that their beauty is unequaled.

This year, the launch of the Planner was kicked off by a two-day launch event with the theme “Dare to be you.” Decorated like a music festival, the event encouraged Bellas, as the fans of the planner are called, to kickstart their #2018Goals. The launch event brought in all of BDJ’s partners that have also been generous to the planner’s users through the years.

The theme of BDJ’s launch event this year is “Dare to be you”

The Dare To Be You event also held workshops such as Dream Catcher Weaving, Collage Journaling, and Calligraphy.

A series of talks by what they call the #GoalGurus, who are experts in topics such as Planner How-tos, Finance, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Minimalist Living and Travel. Nothing was skipped to equip the girls with the mindset they need to start the coming year right.

Cheska Sarausad of Sun Life teaches Bellas how to “future proof” their finances

Some of the talks we loved are of Cheska Sarausad from Sun Life as she talked about how to set realistic financial goals and “future proof” our finances. Ayessa Aya’s tips on decluttering our spaces and start living a minimally lux life proved invaluable to every Bella in the event as well. Last but certainly not least, Ayen de la Torre and Rachel Halili of Where To Next showed us how to find ourselves through travels and realize that there is learning even in misadventures.

Ayessa Aya of Declutter MNL shares tips on how to let go of old things to make room for new ones
WhereToNext’s Ayen de la Torre and Rachel Halili shares the joys of travelling, and getting to know more people and themselves

Belle de Jour also announced an ever growing planner collection. Together with BDJ’s Power Planner is the 2018 Navi Journal. More than the planner’s aim to empower modern-day Filipinas with the Power Planner, Belle du Jour wants to awaken the wanderlust inside of us through 2018 edition the Navi Journal.

Along with these classics and the helpful Everything is Possible Planner and Focus Journal, the Essentials Notebook is a new addition to the BDJ Planner collection. It has both plain and bulleted pages to fit your creative mood, whether you want to do bulleted journaling or sketching, or a more free-form kind of writing.

Viviamo Inc., creators of Belle de Jour planners has always been giving to Filipinas. It helps its users while reaching out to more people through contributing to its advocacies through the proceeds raised from the launch. The brand ultimately does all this to help women live life to the fullest, and help everyone realize their dreams and goals in every aspect of their lives.

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