Filipinos have always been so fond of the relationship between the actor, Lucky Manzano, and his mom, Star for all Seasons, Vilma Santos.

Netizens could not get enough of the love-filled posts that Lucky shares on his social media accounts showing how sweet they are towards each other.

The bond between the two had been proven strong several times in the past. When one gets in trouble the other immediately comes to the rescue. It is only right for a mother to defend her son, or to correct him whenever he commits a mistake.

Just recently, the two once again displayed their adorable “kulitan” moments on Instagram. With the veteran actress finally entering Instagram, Lucky decided to welcome her with an “aww”-inducing gesture. The actor posted a cute throwback photo with a younger Ate Vi holding Lucky as a kid which was greatly fawned over by their fans.

Ate Vi had always been emphasizing that her role as a mother comes before her role as an actress or as a politician. People would often tell her that she can just leave her children alone since they’re all grown up. However, Ate Vi believes that her being there to guide them can make a big difference.

Ate Vi was proud to say that they still give some time for family dinners every now and then. Even with their busy schedules, they always make sure to leave some time for the family. These family dinners serve as their chance to talk and be updated on one another.

The mother-and-son tandem would always be ready to catch each other’s backs during missteps or common misunderstandings.

A dance of a lifetime — that’s what Ate Vi and Lucky shared. From the day that he first opened his eyes, up until the day that he will be walking his own path. They form a tie that nothing, or nobody can break.

In a dance, especially to that which is performed in pair, synchronization and cooperation is a must. Without the help of one another, both would not be able to attain the level of perfection.

These “salo” moments of #ViLucky proved to us that they really love each other no matter what. Just like what they did on their newest video together when Lucky surprised Ate Vi in Puregold. They both danced together to the beat of “Sige, Ikembot”. We can see Ate Vi using her instinct when Lucky misses out on a step. But the important thing is that we can really see both of their happiness while dancing together. Happiness is truly the best Mother’s Day gift you can give to your mom!

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