One of the largest dairy companies in the world and the number one organic milk producer, Arla traces its origins from small cooperatives of Swedish and Danish dairy farmers. In the 1880s, these farmers joined forces to work for a common goal: to produce and provide the best dairy products.

Passionate about bringing milk’s natural goodness into each and every product, Arla has continuously and consistently produced natural, healthy, and high quality dairy products.



The company’s approach to sustainable dairy farming ensures that its milk is top of the line. Its Milk Goodness range includes Full Cream Milk, which tastes creamy and is loaded with vitamins and minerals; Lactose Free, which has been filtered of lactose but tastes like real fresh milk; Low Fat 1.5% fat content and Skimmed Milk 0.3% fat content, both retains the same creamy flavour. And Organic Full Cream Milk which is made of fresh, top-quality Danish milk and is according to the highest quality standards. We believe that happy cows provide healthier milk and we believe in sustainable milk production.


Arla cheeses are as natural as they can be. With a subtle salty taste, Arla Mozzarella Cheese Slices are made to be extra melty. Arla Cheddar Slices are produced in Devon, England based on English milk. The area is known for its creamy and rich milk due to the mild climate and cows being on grass most of the year. Arla Gouda Cheese Slices are mildly flavored but tasty, and free from colorants. Rich and creamy are the Arla Havarti Cheese Slices, which have been made based on an old Danish recipe from the 1870s. Arla Emmental Cheese Slices are firm with a nutty, aromatic quality.


Produced from natural ingredients, Arla Cream Cheese has a distinctive fresh taste.


Voted as the best butter in the world and one of the most famous brands of butter, Lurpak is the leading butter brand in Denmark and the number one brand in the United Kingdom. Produced at the Arla Foods dairy “Holstebro Smør” in the Jutlandian town of Holstebro, it traces its origins to Danish dairy farmers and cooperatives who got together in 1901 to protect their quality butter under the ‘Lurmark’ trademark.


Castello is another revered brand which has been around since 1893. Its first cheese, Castello white with its delicate rind and subtly creamy flavor, was developed by its master cheese-maker Rasmus Tholstrup. Since then Castello has been quite creative, using ingredients and techniques from all over the world to give each cheese a unique flavor and texture.


A global brand, Apetina offers a white cheeses of wide assortments perfect for salad preparations and as cooking ingredients.

All Arla, Castello and Lurpak products are available in all leading supermarkets & groceries nationwide.

Arla Pro is now in the Philippines

Arla Pro brings its natural anf healthy products to the Philippines.Read more here:

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