There is nothing better than eating dessert after a good meal which is why we decided to give Estrel’s Caramel Cakes a try. As much as we’d like to try all of their baked goods, we went on to try their Apple Squares pastry which was one of their dessert specialties.

Their Apple Squares are contained in a box of 10, each square neatly wrapped in a plastic packaging which is actually very convenient. As for the pastry itself, it has a very soft texture but it is unexpectedly moist enough that it doesn’t easily break and holds itself together.


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Apple Squares ?

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Upon opening our first ever Apple Square, the first thing that caught our attention was the mouthwatering smell of cinnamon with a small hint of apples. It had a delicious light brown color on the outside from the oats, and in the inside was a slightly darker shade of brown signalling the apples and the cinnamon. The first bite was definitely an explosion of all the flavors of the three ingredients.

It was sweetened just in the right amount, enough to bring attention to the apple’s natural sweetness that surely made our taste buds tingle in every bite. The strong taste of cinnamon was also notable as it lingers in the mouth leaving us wanting more. The flavor of a traditional apple pie – excluding the crust – came to mind during our whole experience, and to think that it was all packed in just a decently sized apple square.

With all of Estrel’s Caramel Cakes’ usage of natural ingredients, their Apple Square is surely one to be remembered. Priced at 320 pesos in a box of 10, the apple & cinammon goodness of these pastry is something that we’d want to try again.