An Open Letter To Women That Feel Like Hindi Sila Sapat Para Kay Crush

Embrace yourself, in all that you are. Know your talent, your worth and embrace even your flaws. Nobody should ever make you feel as though you’re not enough, no matter how much you may like them. Of course it hurts, to have feelings for someone and yet they cannot reciprocate it, they just don’t feel the same way. But never question yourself as a person, just because someone else can’t seem to value it.

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Remember that to fully love someone, you have to love yourself first. You have to value and take care of yourself. Understand that there will be some areas where you will have shortcomings, may mga bagay na kahit ano pang effort or sakripisyo ang ibigay mo, hindi sapat. But that doesn’t mean we stop growing, that doesn’t mean we stop improving and bettering ourselves. That doesn’t mean we simply settle for mistakes, because we can always do better. But if we do, do it for yourself and not anybody else.

Love yourself and see the beauty in you that your friends and family sees. Celebrate yourself by treating yourself and challenge yourself in each aspect of your life.
Remember, kahit gaano mo pa kagusto o kamahal ang isang tao, ang tunay na pagmamahal ay hindi ka hahayaan questionin ang halaga mo. Until then, walang masama, walang malungkot sa pagmamahal sa sarili. Self-love shouldn’t be considered selfish, because self-love is necessary. How else can we love other people if we can’t even learn to love ourselves first?

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