An Open Letter To Women That Feel Like Hindi Sila Sapat Para Kay Crush

Ever heard the phrase, “Ang tali-talino mo naman, bakit ‘pag dating sa pagmamahal, nagpapakatanga ka?”

Whether we admit it or not, there has been a point in our lives wherein we’ve done just about everything for the guy we’ve had our eye on to like us back. We’ve given more effort to the way we look or dress, we may have stirred up conversations multiple times or offered coffee just to spend time with him. We’ve altered something about ourselves or exhausted more than necessary effort for a glimpse, a “hi” or for him to stop and start a conversation. Unfortunately, there have been times that despite all our efforts, it wasn’t enough.

So we stop and think, “Hindi pa ba sapat? Am I not good enough?” Malas na lang natin if we soon realize may iba pala siyang type. But before you question your self-worth, here’s an advice–STOP. Before you question your beauty, your wit and start doubting whether you’ll ever be good enough for someone, stop.

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Because here’s the reality, here’s what you should be telling yourself every time you stand in front of the mirror and analyze your physical features–that you are good enough, more than good enough in fact. If the guy you’ve always wanted doesn’t see that, you’re not the problem, he just isn’t the right guy for you. Bakit ba kailangan sa sarili mo lang nakikita ang flaws? Why don’t we look at the bigger picture–maybe you two just aren’t meant for each other.

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