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All the good times we had replayed inside my head, it all feels like it was just yesterday when we were as happy as ever and it was us against the world. It felt like we were in wonderland, everything felt new and exciting.
Even if in the back our minds, we knew it would not last forever but we pretended like it would. We often talked about our future together as if we had a clue.

The both of us knew in ourselves that we cannot be together but we still tried to make it work, we blocked what others were saying and only listened to what we wanted to hear. We were too young, clueless and in love to think straight. We kept making ways for us to work but now, we’ve run out of ideas and it was time to give up.

We were running at full throttle, the rush and the adrenaline we got from our own twisted, make-believe fantasy fuelled our veins. We were blinded by the bright flashing lights, which was our love and soon enough, after a series of unfortunate events, we went spinning out of control. We pretended so much that we fell into the abyss of our own made-up illusion. Right before my own eyes, I witnessed how everything we’ve built came crashing and burning down to ashes.
What felt like fantasy slowly turned into a nightmare and everything turned black.

It was time to go back home from what felt like wonderland, where we both went mad. It was not our choice to go on our separate ways, but life had a different plan for each of us. I know we both promised that we’d be together forever but in the painful world of reality, not all promises can be kept. I’ll admit, I was a mess and still am but what can I do? Whether we like it or not, we need to go on and move forward with our lives all on our own.

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Maybe someday, when the right time has come, our paths will cross once more and it will be us again in the end or maybe we are just not meant to be together. Right now, everything is uncertain and none of us has a clue of what’s going to happen tomorrow, in the next few months or in the coming years.

All I can and will say right now is thank you. Thank you for being a part of my life and for letting me be part of yours even if it was just for a brief period of time. Thank you for taking the time to make room for me inside your fragile heart. Thank you for all the happy and sad memories we both shared. Most of all, thank you for loving me.

As much as I want to reminisce the past, we have to accept it and go forth with our own journey as individuals.
I’m letting go and I’m letting you go. But I will never forget you.


Love always,

*This letter was sent in to Woman.ph as an open letter entry, names have been changed for the sender’s privacy and protection, while certain portions of the letter were edited by our writers for publishing purposes.

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