‘Wag na tayong mag kunwari—masakit, sobrang sakit.

As much as we want to be far away from the situation, as much as it hurts so much that deep inside we just wish hindi ka na lang na-in love sakanya, it happened and the pain is real. Yes, part of life sometimes is falling for the person that doesn’t feel the same way for us. Even if we give our whole heart, we exerted so much effort, gumigising tayo ng maaga para magpaganda, or even just tried to be there for them whenever they needed a friend, it wasn’t enough. It brings a pain inside that we can’t understand—it makes us ask, “hindi pa ba sapat na ginawa ko na ang lahat?”

So for the girl na umasa, hindi sinalo at hirap magmove-on, this letter is for you.

Unang Yugto: Umasa

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Umasa tayo—every time na kasama mo siya you secretly wish, “Sana magka-moment kami.” True enough, sometimes you could swear that you did, pero ‘yon pala for him it was nothing. Sa bawat reply niya, everytime he says hi first or tries to joke with you, a part of your heart starts to flutter. Don’t blame yourself kung umasa ka, because no matter how many times you tell yourself that you’re so dumb for thinking there was something, you wouldn’t hope if there was no hint of affection to hope for. Whether or not you were right to have hoped, you did. Accepting that you did—no matter how painful, no matter how much it makes you want to erase the fact that you did—will help you start to move on. Tanggapin na natin bes, umasa tayo, nagpakatanga tayo.

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