As Facebook and YouTube have become increasingly popular, a lot of people have engaged themselves in blogging and vlogging. However, it’s quite difficult to raise thousands of followers within a short period of time. But not for a young girl whose name is “Amy Talaboc.”


Posted by Amy Talaboc on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nowadays, women would be totally lost without watching their favorite beauty vloggers showing them how to do their iconic makeup routine or telling them a review about a makeup product.

But there’s a young girl who may be better at makeup than other vloggers will ever be and in fact, she’s just a newbie. Whether shaping the eyebrows or choosing the perfect lipstick, women can consider watching her different makeup routines.

Posted by Amy Talaboc on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Amy Talaboc described herself as a “Bisaya Beauty Vlogger” as she is from the beautiful city of Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao. She started with a drugstore makeup tutorial to which she uploaded on her YouTube channel last March 2017. Despite the difficulty in speaking Tagalog, she pursued using the dialect to be able to communicate well with her viewers.

Even before vlogging, Amy already found herself inlove with the idea of making tutorials after she started watching YouTube beauty vlogs at the age of 15.

With a difficulty in speaking Tagalog, Amy tried speaking bisaya on her fifth makeup tutorial which is also her first video on her Facebook page. Surprisingly, on January 25, ten days after the posting, the video had already reached 4.8 million views. That gave birth to her other bisaya videos that are making rounds on social media websites.

In the process, Amy admitted that it wasn’t easy to enter a community where criticisms are inevitable. Instead of being affected, she did learn how to ignore the hate for her passion and supporters are more important in pursuing her dreams. On that note, Amy has this to say:

“You should know na hindi umiikot mundo mo para sa mga taong ayaw sayo. Umiikot ang mundo mo sa mga taong nagmamahal at sumusuporta sayo. If saan ka masaya, dun ka, kasi life is short. As much as possible maging masaya tayo hanggang nabubuhay tayo.”