From starring in and producing movies to visiting far-flung areas for humanitarian purposes, it seems as Angelina Jolie has become the epitome of both talent, grace, and compassion. And just when we thought that it ends at being superwoman, she’s managed to surprise us by taking on another role – a content creator on YouTube.

But the fact that she’s on YouTube isn’t that much of a big deal, right? We’ve seen countless celebrities and models take on that platform as a way to relate to the public more and to post personalized video content. What’s surprising is that THIS IS ANGELINA JOLIE! Who would’ve thought that she’d jump on the bandwagon?


According to her YouTube bio, she joined on August 8, 2019, and the account is verified with over 400,000 views and 11,180 subscribers as of the moment. Her about page states, “After years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie was appointed Special Envoy in April 2012.” It continues, “In her expanded role, Jolie focuses on major crises that result in mass population displacements, undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and the High Commissioner at the diplomatic level. She also engages with decision-makers on global displacement issues. Through this work, she has helped contribute to the vital process of finding solutions for people forced to flee their homes.”

Currently, two videos have been uploaded, both featuring the award-winning actress giving a speech.

We sure are waiting for more content, Angelina! And more power to you!

Photo Credit: Angelina Jolie Official Instagram