We all need to take a momentary pause in our busy lives from time to time. Whether it’s going to the gym or spa, connecting with nature or attending a spiritual retreat, these are just some of the ways of recharging and recentering to help give us that newfound energy to continue on our life’s journey.

Recently, I attended a group life coaching workshop that was specifically targeted for busy women like me, who are pursuing a career alongside other responsibilities and personal projects. Life coaching has become increasingly popular in the Philippines in the recent years. Whether it’s done individually or in group sessions, life coaches can guide you to re-examine where you are right now, where you want to go, what’s keeping you from moving forward, and what you need to do to make that change.

The particular workshop I attended was facilitated by internationally certified Life Coach Anda Goseco. Anda used creative tools such as music that moves, and pictures with powerful words that strike and probe, to bring out our innermost thoughts and feelings, and help us see through different lenses to help understand ourselves and our situation better.

At the end of the workshop, we chose a word or statement that would be our anchor as we take that new step forward in living the life we love. The word I chose was “Joy”. This is what I wrote down during the workshop and shared with my fellow participants:

“Today and every day of tomorrow … I Choose JOY. It doesn’t take much to be joyful or to experience joy. Life is full of humor; there is no need to take it too seriously.”

The workshop helped me to realize that I must learn to take things easy, to let go, to be authentic, to appreciate what I have, and what I can currently give because, come to think of it, my loved ones do not expect much from me but my joyful presence. In the end, all the success and achievement we experience are nothing if there is no joy in our hearts.

My other co-participants chose statements such as Positivity, Creativity, Adventure, Fearlessness.

Life coaches can help provide clarity and focus on our courses of action, but the rest is up to to us to carry on with these next steps. For inquiries on life coaching sessions, you can contact coach Anda Goseco at coachandagoseco@gmail.com.