Breakups are hard, it’s a fact that doesn’t need to be said because it is so obvious. It takes a lot of will power to get back up on your feet and move on from an important relationship. But heartbreaks are inevitable and it should never compromise your self-worth. Even celebrities like Angel Locsin have gone through breakups and heartaches, luckily her Instagram feed is the perfect guide on how to get over a breakups step-by-step. Here are eight Angel Locsin tips on moving on:

1. Travel

Taking a break is important, not just in the relationship but even for yourself. Your mind and soul badly needs piece and composure and they best way to do that is to travel. Pick a destination and travel alone, or if you’re up for it bring a couple of friends along. It will make you feel grateful for the blessings you still have and give you a fresh outlook on the situation.