Everyone has that one space in their home that is quite common, we’re not talking about the typical rooms. We’re talking about “the chair” that everyone dumps their pile of clothes on, or “the cabinet” that is stuffed with what-not and should never be opened. But everyone usually also has “the blank wall” in their homes, whether it’s a big white blank space in the living room or a blank backdrop in the room, just about every home has it. But the bland area doesn’t need to be bland any longer, there are easy ways to style it up! Here are eight ways to scroll through:

1. Create A Makeshift Closet

Creating a makeshift closet isn’t as hard as you’d think. You can create one by simply nailing down two steel bars to your wall. The bottom bar can serve as a shoe rack for your heels, while the top bar can make way for you to hang your clothes.

061716 Giorgina - Blank Wall 1