Food parks and cafes are popping up left and right in the metro, and a wider range of choices have made the weekends much busier. But with a sudden boom of cafes, it’s hard to pick which ones are worth the visit. It’s not all about good cup of joe these days, a serene ambience, unique gimicks and delectable desserts have altogether created an industry of new-and-improved cafe options. But to slim down a coffee-lovers’ possible picks, take a peek at eight underrated cafes in Manila that are worth the visit.

1. Book And Borders Cafe

Tucked in the quiet nook of Quezon City, when you enter Book And Borders Cafe, you’ll find a cozy space decked with colorful chairs. But the eyes are automatically dragged to the walls upon walls of book-filled shelves. Which is why many bookworms can get lost for hours in the wonders of each novels’ stories. However, the more extroverted barkada can enjoy the provided boardgames too. But for those who are looking to chow down, their menu stretches from milkshakes, pastas, sandwiches and coffee. But don’t leave the cafe without trying their classic cup of latte!