Traveling alone is a big mile-step for many women, it isn’t simply about stepping on new territory, it’s about freedom, independence and a sense of adventure. But sometimes traveling alone can also be quite scary and intimidating because there is nobody to guide or assist in times of trouble. That means Google maps and Waze are the only guides to the next stop and Siri becomes a bestfriend for the few days of vacation. But fear is usually developed when there isn’t assurance or preparation, to brush the worry-wrinkles away, here are eight things to keep in mind for those traveling alone for the first time:

1. Have a budget

This is one of the most obvious steps before leaving for a big trip, but having a budget isn’t simply about allotting enough money to spend. Having a budget involves a lot of research and computation. It’s best to break down the budget to daily spending rather than a cumulated amount spent on the trip itself. A daily budget allows detailed planning and will assure that every day is maximized. Remember to research the conversion rate of the money from your residence to your destination. Aside flights and accommodation, keep in mind factors that would cut down the budget such as transportation, food, entertainment and pocket money for shopping too.

have abudget