Women stay in love and accept commitment in a different way compared to men. There is nothing better in a relationship than when you realize that you can leave behind anything at his place without receiving negative comments from him or some of his friends.

Leaving things at your boyfriend’s house sometimes raises questions since most men would think that you have decided to move in slowly even when that is not the case. If you have been thinking about signs that you can leave your stuff at your BFs place, then you are at the right place.

One of the things that will make you to find out whether to leave anything at his place or not is the way he behaves. Only leave your handbag or any other accessory at his house when he shows that he is serious with the relationship. Here are the eight signs that will tell you if it is the time to begin leaving things like cloths among others in his house.

1. He Gives You Some Of His Spare Keys

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Allowing you to have some of his spare keys is a clear sign that he has nothing to hide from you whether you go there without telling him. When providing you the keys, your boyfriend should not lock down some of the rooms so that you cannot access them since that will be a sign that there is still something he is not comfortable with and therefore he needs time before you can become part of his life. In addition, once you have the spare keys and you need anything left in the house when he is not around it will be easier than calling him to come over. If he gives you conditions after presenting you with the keys then you should careful not to offend him.