Let’s face it, as a woman or lady, it’s hard to be the first one to approach your crush. It isn’t exactly something we’re used to. But there are moments when we are itching to send them a text or chat with them online. Problem is, we don’t have the courage to simply say “Hi!”. So for the girls who need a good old palusot to start a convo with crush, here are eight suggestions:

1. Pretend To Be “Sourcing”

A great way to start a chat with crush is to pretend you’re “sourcing” for something. Say for instance, it’s the long weekend, you can pretend to blast a message asking friends where’s a good place to stay. There’s no harm in asking around, right?

Palusot line: “Hi guys! Sourcing my friends on FB lang, where’s a place you recommend I can go to this long weekend?”