Everyone has been seeing tutorials and photos of on-fleek brows. Anyone would be jealous over beauty bloggers or even makeup junkies that achieve the perfect ombre and gradient with their brows. But lining the brow area isn’t as simple as one would think, it requires a lot of care and technique. A lot miss out the simple steps to achieving beautiful yet natural looking brows which is why we end up with overdrawn, wrongly colored and blocky brows. So to avoid these beauty mistakes, here are eight easy steps to achieve the perfect brows:

1. Know Your Brow Shape

Brow shapes are typically personal choices, although we are born with a natural eyebrow shape, we can actually change it. Changing the eyebrow shape greatly affects one’s overall look. Take for example a round brow softens a look that’s why it is suggested for square-shaped faces in order to soften sharp features. Whereas pointy arches suggest a more lifting and youthful appeal. A straight brow is considered a more natural look and is suggested for those with longer faces as it evens out the look. It is important to decide and stick to a brow shape so that we can allow the hairs to be shaped as such and grow to the arch desired.

eyebrow shape