7 Thoughts You Have Whenever You Come Back From A Long Weekend

Long weekends, especially the past few ones, have been the break we all need before the Christmas season. While many scurry to the province or even abroad to spend their holidays, it can’t be denied that at the back of our minds, everyone wishes that the long weekend wouldn’t end. Unfortunately, we must all go through the process of adulting and earn money we need for our everyday expenses. But if you think you’re alone when it comes to the long weekend blues, think again. Here are 7 thoughts everyone has whenever we come back to work from a long weekend.

1. “Bakit Monday Na Agad?”

As long as the weekend may have seemed, we often ask the question, “bakit monday na agad?” It’s as if the holiday flew by, and as much as we enjoyed the long weekend, it just always seems bitin.

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