Everyone has their own ideal body type, sometimes they have achieved the body frame they want, while sometimes they’re still working towards it. While we accept, embrace and celebrate all body shapes, it can’t be denied that matakaw girls who don’t gain weight—kahit mag unli-rice sila all day long—get the stink eye. Although it’s not their fault that their metabolism is always at full-speed, here are 7 things we’re sure only matakaw girls who don’t gain weight can relate to:

1. Parating Tinatanong Ng Mga Tao Kung Kumakain Ka Pa Ba

Although you’re matakaw, not everyone can tell that right away (obviously, since you’re not eating 24/7), so a lot of times, you get asked if you even eat at all. Which can get annoying for you since you know that you eat a lot and never starve yourself.