1. Listen closer. Listen more and talk less

Listen closer to the good, to the words that give you strength and hope. Don’t argue with those who judge you, just listen and learn from them, for nothing good comes out of fighting. Some people simply cannot be happy for another person’s success.

2. Look beyond. See the beauty in everyone around you

Appreciate the little things. Look beyond the appearance, beyond the shape, the color, and beyond everything that hinders you from knowing them more and from seeing that we are all equal.

3. Act gentler

In everything you do, be gentle. Show kindness, not force, not violence. For you never know what someone is going through. The person you’re talking to might be hanging on the edge of a cliff and you words and actions may push them or save them. Act as if you’re on the receiving end.

4. Pray and praise harder. Pray when you’re happy, to give thanks

Pray when you’re devastated, to ask for help. Pray when you’re confused, to seek for understanding. Pray when you think you understand everything, for something is not right. Pray because you need to and praise Him because you are who you are right now because of Him.

5. Love deeper. Love as if it’s your last day. Love without reservations

Without seeking anything in return. Love others like how you want to be loved. Love like a storm flooding the whole city, but be sure you’re on a higher ground. Don’t let yourself drown in the process of loving. Love deeper, but learn how to swim.

6. Give more. The Lord is giving you more than enough

He is pouring mounts of blessings unto you so I hope you learn how to give more. Give, not because you are obliged to, but because you willingly want to share your blessings. Give more because you were given many.

7. Fear less. On this year, you’ve been given a new chapter

Another opportunity to live your life. To truly live it without any room for regrets or fears. Life is a long journey with rocky roads, mountains and a handful of people who will not always agree with you. I will not say that it’s going to be easier because it won’t. You will experience harder and harder roads along the way, so if you want to get to where you want to go, be ready to face the music, dive or jump in the pool of uncertainties. Be bold. Fear less, because one thing’s for sure, it’s all worth it.