Orgasms is a natural human physical arousal that many seek and crave, it’s the high-point of any intercourse with your partner or even on your own. But unfortunately, achieving orgasms is a lot more complicated than learning how to kiss. Studies have shown that not all women simply orgasm during sex, in fact 10-15% of them don’t even achieve it all. While there are varying reasons why some women can’t reach full climax, it helps to break down any possible factors that could be hindering it. Here are seven possible reasons why you’re having trouble reaching orgasms:

1. There Is No Foreplay Involved

Women are not machines that you can simply turn on and off, and going straight into sex and penetration can hurt more than it can pleasurable. It’s best to try foreplay before as many women actually need and are turned on when there is a foreplay involved. Remember, sex isn’t a race to orgasms, take your time to pleasure each other first.