Crushes. Let’s be honest and face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had our first crush and we have experienced the feeling of “kilig” every time we see them either walking in front of our classroom, playing basketball in the court, eating with friends in the cafeteria, reading a book in the library or just simply standing around a corner. But of course we don’t always stay in grade school or in high school, and obviously, years have passed and we went to our different paths.

For some reason, our first crush lingers even after many years. But did it ever came across your mind that up until now, whenever you think of him you ask yourself, “Why is he still my crush?”. To make it simple, we’ve counted down the list of possible reasons why your first crush is still your crush, and here they are.

1. You Still Think About Him

And you still wonder why you still like him? It’s not easy to forget someone especially if that someone is a person you really liked and admired. This is probably one of the most common out of all the reasons we can name. Sure you do have other guys you admire, maybe a celebrity or a college crush, but sometimes you can’t help but think about your first crush. The first person to make you feel that certain “kilig”, the first person to make your heart flutter or maybe the first person to even break your heart (without him knowing it).