Applying makeup in itself can be a fun activity and a challenge as well, but applying makeup for the beach, where the flaming weather and salt water welcomes visitors, it becomes almost an impossible task. Luckily our favorite beauty brands have innovated their products so we can enjoy the sand and shores without constantly worrying if our mascara is streaking or if our lipstick has smudged. We’ve listed the top seven makeup products that you need to make room for in your makeup bag and bring along to the beach.

1. NYX’s Tinted Moisturizer

Nyx’s tinted moisturizer is the ideal base for a beach makeup. When going to the beach, it isn’t advisable to pack on a full coverage foundation, the intense heat will make the face feel like makeup is streaking off. A lightweight and tinted moisturizer has enough color to serve as a base but light enough to not feel like a full-faced makeup.

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