Just a few months ago we saw the jaw-dropping castles we could rent abroad and as if taking a stroll around ancient brick wall towers and hectares of breathtaking backyard isn’t enough, seems like there’s something that can top royalty. Think a hammock by the tree and a whole island to run free in, too wild? Not for these island owners that are actually letting anybody rent the whole island for a night or more. Here’s seven of the beautiful discoveries you should consider if you’ve got some cash to shed:

1. Cavinti Island – P2919 Per Night

Grasped in the mountains of Sierra Madre beside calm lakes, this island in Cavinti is an oasis of serenity. To reach the hidden gem, you’ll need to bask a three-hour car ride and take a ten minute boat trip. It’s the ideal spot to celebrate with family and friends, factor in the 80 square meter home that houses 15 people. A book at hand and a hammock tied to the trees seems like the perfect weekend getaway.