Baths are no longer confined to a cleansing regimen, credit it to the endless bath products that beauty brands have come up with. Long baths have become a stress-reliever and a chance to unwind. Who doesn’t need a pampering section after a long day of work and stress? Kicking off the heels, lThe leisurely practice pops up a chance for a few lit candles and a bath bomb deconstructing into a colorful pool of water. These are just a few de-stressing bath routines that maximize the unwinding aspect of a long bath. To come out fresh out of the bath not because of a long cold shower but a soothing bath, here are products and routines to give a go:

1. Epsom Salt

Despite the name, Epsom salt isn’t salt you use to cook, it is a magnesium-sulfate. Many claim that Epsom salts improve heart health, flush toxins, prevent migraines and relieve stress among its many benefits. Just drizzle or even pour a cup-size of Epsom salt in your bath, personalize the amount to your liking.

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