Culottes is a lot like the clog fever, we’re not sure if we hate it or love it. Although it has been absolutely trendy for the past year, if you don’t style them properly, your outfit could go from on-point to grandma feels real quick. Although there’s no fancy science and engineering behind the bottoms, they’re just a mid-length version of palazzos, there’s not denying that it needs a lot of attention when styling. Culottes aren’t always figure flattering but they are incredibly comfortable, so to keep the trend alive in the wardrobe and your ensemble, here are six sure-fire ways to get away with a pair of culottes:

1. Keep It Casual

If it’s your first time to try the trend, the best and most common way you could rock it is by keeping it casual. Culottes are quite versatile, so even a loose top and pair of sneakers can complete an outfit. Just make sure that your culottes’ color compliments your top to keep a uniform vibe. Strap on a chic and minimal backpack to complete the look.