As much as we wish we could enjoy the beach under the warm sun, the weather lately has begged to differ. With the inconsistent flow of gleaming sun rays and pouring rain drops next, it’s hard to know what outfit to wear. The Sunday flowy dress isn’t exactly the best outfit for the occasion especially if the windy breeze starts to abruptly blow. But a whole outfit doesn’t necessarily need to be dedicated for the season, especially if you guys ticked off the last item on your summer wardrobe checklist, you just need necessary and essential details to brisk through the stormy weather. Here are five of our recommendations:

1. Parka

Parkas have been on trend for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be stepping out of trend anytime soon. It’s a great item to have around during the rainy season, especially when it has a hood because it can keep you toasty once the rain starts to pour. Parkas aren’t too thick for a sunny temperature but isn’t too thin to protect you in storms. Maximize the comfort with ripped jeans, sneakers and a sling bag.

062916 Giorgina - Rainy Season Outfit 1