In a relationship communication is key to make everything work, making an effort or going the extra mile to make sure that your message gets through to your boyfriend. But sometimes it’s best to know when to stop because instead of helping, it might actually cause more harm to your relationship. If women typically voice out what they feel, a lot of times men are quite the opposite. They prefer to keep silent and attempt to deal with the feeling on their own. But just because they learn to keep it in, doesn’t give us ladies the authority to keep doing certain things that actually hurt or bother them. Here are five examples of things you should stop doing to save your relationship:

1. Stop The Nagging

Sometimes we can’t help it, our boyfriends do something that annoys us or doesn’t do something we’ve been asking them to do for a long time. It can be as simple as getting a haircut or going with you to the mall. But nagging at them constantly will just cause them to stop listening to you instead of taking the message in. If you want to talk to him, take some time to sit down with him and send the message calmly and clearly. It’s more effective than nagging.