Themed cafes have been hyped up the past year; from animal-themed cafes to creatively decorated interiors, everyone heads to the hottest food stops in the metro to check out what they have to offer. Just like the emerging cafes in Manila, South Korea has their fair share of cafes as well, some with themes we haven’t even heard of. Here’s a low-down of some of our favorites and recommendations:

1. Thanks Nature Cafe; Mapo-gu

If you want to bond with sheep and munch down on strawberry crepes, Thanks Nature Cafe has everything wrapped in one. Thanks to Mr. Kwang-Ho Lee, numerous sheep get to visit his cafe and meet lots of diners. But to keep them healthy, he rotates the sheep present in the cafes and returns them to the sheep ranch after a few months and gets another batch of sheep to roam around the cafe. Sheep-cuties aside, the cafe actually serves a scrumptious menu. Their delectable strawberry crepes are their most famous, wrapped in chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. They also have a fair selection of shaved ice paired with sweet toppings such as cookies, fruits and ice-cream. But if the desserts aren’t enough, we’re sure that the friendly sheep are enough of a sweet treat.

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