Ah, first love. It’s beautiful, awkward and it makes all your teenage hormones rage like there is no tomorrow. There is something beautiful and unique about a first love. Whether it’s the first kiss or the new feeling of having someone think of you as often as you think of them, it brings jitters that just can’t be explained. Not all first loves work out, not everyone meets their future husband or wife at the first go. But it isn’t any less important. The first love is always one of the most sweetest and here are five reasons why:

1. He Was (Almost) Your First Everything


Your first time receiving kilig text messages, first time holding hands with a boy, first time receiving flowers and maybe your first kiss, all these will always be remembered. Because there is something so innocent and purely loving about the first time you experience a relationship with someone. He will be the one to make you realize what it’s like to experience love the first time around, and to understand how powerful love can be.