Women have come a long way throughout the years, not only have we nurtured families but created history that has transcended from generations to generations. Although sexism and issues continue to arise until today, there’s no doubt that the will-power and strength of women continue to persevere. While gender is such a delicate topic as today more and more individuals have the freedom to truly express and understand which they best identify with, it gives more reason to celebrate the beauty of being a woman. Here are ten reasons why you should celebrate being a woman today:

1. We Fought For Our Rights

About eight years ago, the Magna Carta of Women was established in the Philippines to provide protection for women, but even as far back as about 100 years ago, women have already been fighting for their rights. Although it may seem like such a throwback, because of our courageous ancestors, we can celebrate more freedom today. We can voice our opinions and not fear being oppressed because of being a woman.