5 Reasons Why You Hate Your Job

Do you feel like going to work is life’s biggest burden? A lot of people are not satisfied with the job they have and we can’t blame them. Everyday is a struggle for them- from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. These people are the same people who dread Mondays. If you feel like you are just dragging yourself to work everyday, you are at a wrong place. But before you think about resigning, it’s good to know and understand why you dire your job. Here are 5 reasons why you hate your job.

1. You are not passionate about your job


You don’t like what you do. You are half-hearted about everything that you do. Whenever you are given the task, you do it not because you want to challenge yourself or you want to learn. You do it for the sake of getting it over with.

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