Friends are important in anyone’s lives, they become our source of happiness, our helping hand, our family without the bloodline and our confidant. But some friendships, whether we like it or not, break apart. A broken friendship can be just as painful as an actual breakup, the people you are used to be around everyday are no longer there. So while there is hope to keep the friendship, we wouldn’t think twice of doing something about it. But to be able to talk the problem out, you first need to understand why your friends are choosing to keep distance with you. Here are five possible reasons why:

1. You Hurt Them

Whether you are aware or not, you may have hurt your friends. Sometimes saying or doing something hurtful isn’t even intentional. It may have been the way you reacted to something, a playful tease or a joke. But if you are unsure about what exactly you may have done to upset them, maybe it’s best to talk to them directly.